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More than 30% of property sales fall through due to buyer or seller suddenly changing their minds. Both these annoyances somehow attribute to the agent that is not gaining a good understanding of buyer/sellers requirements, and/or not having earned the trust required to secure this understanding.

One way of overcoming this is for the seller to address a few fundamental issues prior to agreeing terms, which will help avoid false starts, additional expense and wasted time.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Ensure that you get your finances in order and know exactly how much you can borrow, with an “in principle” agreement from your lender.
  2. Before viewing properties understand the difference between your preferred “wants” and absolute “needs”.
  3. Locations can vary from one street to the next, and at different times of day.  Consider school runs and pub times.
  4. Do not make an offer on a property unless you are absolutely serious about making it your home.
  5. Do not hide issues about your home. Be upfront about any defects or the reason for moving if you are to speed up the sale and reduce stress.
  6. When choosing the agent to work on your behalf, be sure you trust they have your best interests in mind and they are achieving the best outcome for YOU not them.
  7. Invest in the agent that will push themselves harder and further on a daily basis to achieve your goals.
  8. If you are unhappy with your agent – say so! Do not be afraid to change agents, being careful to note any onerous contract terms, and do not change more than once, or people with think it is the property – not the agent!

Please feel free to call us on 01462 419329 if you would like further advice on how to prepare your home for an efficient, and enjoyable, sale – one where YOU are the priority.


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