Three Stories to Make You Feel Good This Friday

In this two-minute read, we share tales of triumph and generosity from around the UK.

Postcards of Kindness

Dealing with pandemic is never easy, but particularly so for care home residents.

An army of postcard writers rise across the UK to ease the sense of isolation that many people in care homes feel.

Each week, thousands of people write to people they have never met as part of the Postcards of Kindness scheme.

Some senders even draw or paint the images on the postcards themselves.

The images help to evoke memories and start conversations while the cheerful messages on the postcards delight the recipients.

The Postcards of Kindness Facebook group has 45,000 members and some of whom send 20 to 30 cards a week. This is to give you an idea of how many postcards people are sending.

Shout-out to Keith

Our hero of the week is Keith, an intensive care nurse at Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. 

Keith stepped in to play hairstylist for a patient on his ward who was preparing to propose to his girlfriend.

Jordan Simon, a heart transplant recipient, was hospitalised on 22 December due to kidney problems.

Doctors allowed Jordan a special visit from his girlfriend, Beth Dodge, after spending Christmas alone.

Jordan decided to use the opportunity to pop the question to Beth and called on Keith to help him look sharp for his big moment.

“He [Keith] was more nervous than me to be honest,” laughed Jordan as he explained to the BBC that Beth had tearfully accepted his proposal.

Karate King

We didn’t know it was possible to compete in a karate competition remotely but, learning this week from the story of Hampshire schoolboy Tom Klemz, it is!

12-year-old Tom has been focusing on his international karate career instead of spending lockdown playing computer games or watching YouTube.

Tom has a fighting studio at his home, from where he trains and competes. 

So far, he has high-kicked his way through 20 online karate competitions and is now ranked second in the world in the Under-13 kata division.

We bet that when Tom’s school reopens, no one will mess with him in the playground.

From all of us here at Leysbrook, have a good weekend. Stay safe, stay hopeful.

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